Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So, I'm not entirely sure what a blog really is supposed to be but since I love asking the question, "Haven't you been following my blog?" I guess it's time to actually have one.  I have decided to use it for my love of modular origami, specifically kusudama (or works that now fall under that title). There are so many artists working in this medium now and I am always amazed at the beautiful works they create. I always want to collect diagrams no matter how frustrating it may be and I kind of feel like I'm playing Pokemon and I have to catch them all. 

I've decided that the first picture I wanted to add is the Peaceful Rose by Mio Tsugawa. Her work has been such an inspiration to me and I will never forget the first time I ever saw her site. To this day it still takes my breath away and sometimes I can't believe I ever managed to pull off these works.  It seemed so impossible for me to do when I started origami but this is a hobby where patience and practice pays off.